My Website Launch Party Was Canceled.

Today was supposed to be a great day. After three years of imagining my Diabelli Squared website, this evening was supposed to be the official Albion College live event where the website was put out into the world. My many thanks to Jim Stuart of Albion College and owner of Stirling Books and Brew in Albion, MI, for all of his time and incredibly creative ideas. I couldn’t have this even happening without him. He brought my imagination to reality.

But, the coronavirus situation has made that event not possible. For now. While this is a small disappointment compared to the larger global issues, this website’s entire purpose is to bring people together through music. So from that standpoint, I think everything will turn out just fine. My upcoming concerts where I was going to officially premiere several of my new commissioned variations have been cancelled as well, but I have great hope that I will get to perform them very soon in public. Thank you everyone!