Composer Adam Schumaker, Michigan (USA)

Adam Schumaker

Adam Schumaker is a composer, educator, arts administrator, father, husband, and a generalist.

He currently directs the education programs for The Gilmore and is a visiting professor of music theory & composition at Kalamazoo College, where he teaches music theory, composition, and arts administration.

Schumaker has composed for film, theater, chamber ensembles, concert band, promotional video, electronic mediums, and an intensive care unit hospital bed. He has received numerous local grants and commissions.

Composing “Diabelli Diabelli” for Lia’s Diabelli Variations project was a fun exercise in deconstruction. Although you will not find typical musical procedures as found in other variation forms, you may recognize voicings and motives from the famed variation by Anton Diabelli.

Adam Schumaker