Diabelli Squared Variations

The Albion College Diabelli Squared Project is in two phases; the initial phase is nearly complete, while the second phase of the project will live on, with opportunities for composers from aound the globe to submit their compositions based on the theme.

Phase 1 – Commissioned Composers

The Albion College Phase 1 of the Diabelli Squared project will result in 13 variations submitted by commissioned composers from around the globe.

The following are our wonderful composers who provided their work as part of Phase 1 of the project. Please click on the composer for more information!

Dr. Victor Agudelo
Adam Schumaker
Dr. Kevin Beavers
Dr. Karen Walwyn
(New York)
Ron Di Salvio
Philip Wharton
(New York)
Dr. Manuel Matarrita
(Costa Rica)
Dan Willenberg
Dr. Carter Pann
LIU Yintong
Peggy Polias
Dr. Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph
(South Africa)
Ryan Powell
(New York)

Phase 2 – Ongoing Global Submissions

At this point, we are at the beginning of phase 2 of the project, and you can be a part of this phase! All composers are welcome to submit their compositions based on the Diabelli theme.

As submissions are received and reviewed, information will be added to the website.